Profit is the fruit of labour they say, but often in this maze does one forget to reward the real force which is the Labour. Our central motive of starting our export business back in 1990’s was to generate employment i.e., labour. Thus ” Rediscover Fashion ” was born.

Our efforts to uplift the artisans and bring their dying art to an global platform helped in bringing prosperity and happiness to numerous families. Keeping the focus to employ more and more women artisans took the whole family on the road to progress.

We are proud to say that many villages at one point of time, use to do only our work for months.  We were one of the first to start the concept of work from home in the Garment industry.

The diverse product range in Crochet, Macrame, Hand beading and  embroideries tapped huge talent in artisans. The products were widely exported to top brands in UK and USA. With the growth in economic status of  artisans communities , the village also progressed bringing new schools, hospitals and banks in the vicinity.

Our continuous efforts to support the artisans is still running strong in this age of machines and technology. We are trying every possible effort in bringing awareness towards hand made goods and the value they deserve.

We decided to give benefit of pricing to end customers by launching our own website www.rediscoverfashion.com an online forum that aims to bring buyers and seller together.



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