About us

We at Rediscover fashion believe that if today one explores the demographics of India from youth to the elderly, one finds that all have an incessant desire to appear good. How you look is defined by a particular style of clothing you wear. While it is not important to be overtly decked up, finding the apt substance in dressing to add relevance to ones personality defines today’s choice. This is where we step in, blending exclusivity and premium quality to cater to the varied range of dressing. There is a curiosity among people to opt for clothing from oversees market as generally that product is perceived to be of unflinching quality. “So we are providing our esteemed customers with an ease of availability of clothing of international quality without having them to source it from outside”

We fully understand that the ocean of clothing is made by the confluence of styles, colours and design. We cater to a wide audience that desires to be seen with clothing of uncompromising quality and style but with affordability in purpose.



Rediscover fashion is a brand started by the owners of Rene crafts which is a well established and well known export house. It has been in the business of manufacturing high quality Garments and Garment accessories for top brands of Europe, USA, New Zealand since 1990’s like Diesel, MaxMara, River Island, Top Shop, Miss Sixty etc.

Since we already possessed quantum experience and expertise in making very high quality products for the international markets, we decided to sell the same standard of products at much better prices directly at the customer’s doorstep. This was aimed at eliminating the extra marketing, branding rents of shops, salaries ultimately added to the product and piled on to the customer.

We decided to give benefit of pricing to end customers by launching our own website www.rediscoverfashion.com an online forum that aims to bring buyers and seller together.



All the products that you will see on the website have been manufactured in our own factories. Each garment goes through a series of stringent checks as per international standards right from the beginning when the raw material is procured till the end product is packed and sent to the consumer.

We strictly adhere to International norms of economic and social compliance like prohibiting child labour, use of very high quality dyes for fabric (AZO free dyes), minimum wages of workers etc. Our factory is fully compliant to all the norms as per European standards. Since our export house mainly caters to European retail outlets, we are making accessible to you international quality products in the fashion space having novel brand value.



Profit is the fruit of labour they say, but often in this maze does one forget to reward the real force which is the Labour. Our central motive of starting our export business back in 1990’s was to generate employment i.e., labour. We successfully did that and are today proud to say that many villages use to do only our work for months. There have been times when each household in a particular village were making something or the other for us.  We were one of the first to start the concept of work from home in the Garment industry.